Gertie Young


Gertie Young

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About me
I live in an old house in South London with my husband and my dog.  I have painted since I was a child but it has only been since retiring in March 2016 that I have had the time to really focus my attention on my work.  A lot of my inspiration has come from 'slow travel' while on holiday, especially in Lanzarote. This gives me the time to walk and really get to know a place in depth.  I spend time looking and looking ever more closely at the details of the surrounding landscape and flora.

About my paintings
My paintings evolve slowly over time.  I don't plan anything and the images arise on the paper in front of me and form themselves slowly from observation, memory and feeling.  I paint in a series, sometimes up to ten paintings at a time.  Some of these attempts don't go anywhere and I might abandon something only to take it up again years later and move it in a different direction.  I may repeat familiar shapes until such time as they disappear naturally and are replaced by new elements that have arisen by chance. These accidents may be the result of collage, inner suggestion, as part of a palimpsest, an inspired prompt or a natural inclination of the hand.  I just let things happen.  At the same time I am aware that on some level I am resolving an unspoken internal need in these arrangements which adds intensity to my concentration.  All the half glimpsed, half felt things I encounter can become essential ingredients and the activity of painting becomes an adventure in itself.